Crucial development in Keeshae Jacobs case involves man in prison: Crime Insider sources

A violent criminal with knowledge of Keeshae Jacobs' disappearance is incarcerated, Crime Insider sources tell Jon Burkett.

Woman who accused deputy of racism in viral video, found guilty of speeding

Dawn Hilton-Williams did not appear in court Wednesday, but was represented by a lawyer, according to CBS 6 Crime Insider Jon Burkett.

Warsaw woodworker creates intricate carvings and enchanted forests

"I think when you find an individual who is willing to share and capable of giving and want to share it with others that is unique in this world for sure."

How these machines are getting around Virginia gambling laws

The machines look, sound, feel, and act like slot machines, which are against the law in Virginia.

Ukrop’s ‘excited’ to open West End food hall

"It will NOT be a grocery store," a Ukrop's spokesperson announced.

Richmond newlyweds on honeymoon burned in volcanic eruption

Both survived the eruption which has claimed the lives of at least five people. In addition to the five confirmed fatalities, eight people were considered missing following the eruption.

Parents in disbelief after Richmond newlyweds burned in volcanic eruption

Rick and Barbara Barham are desperately trying to reunite with their daughter and son-law-in after they were injured Monday when a volcano erupted on White Island in New Zealand.

Richmond cyclist fatally struck by delivery truck in NYC

A Richmond cyclist was killed Monday morning after being struck and killed by a delivery truck during their morning route in Manhattan.

Drowning is leading cause of accidental death for young children. Here’s how to prevent it.

"People automatically assume it happens to bad or neglectful parents."

Holding a cell phone while driving is now banned in Richmond

Under the ordinance, using a handheld communications device, such as a cell phone, while driving in the City of Richmond is punishable by a $125 fine on the first offense and a $250 fine for each subsequent offense. Drivers, however, can still use hands-free devices in conjunction with their cell phones