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The Foodie WanderLove Guide: 15+ Road Trips for Virginia’s Culinary Lovers - Virginia's Travel Blog

Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel, but here in Virginia, we call that feeling WanderLove. As we begin to travel again, planning an epic road trip is a safe way to explore Virginia’s endless beauty, from its pristine beaches to the scenic curves of its storied mountains. This month, we’re taking you […]

But Did You Know: Jackson Ward & Richmond's Pre-Eminent Black History - Virginia's Travel Blog

As the birthplace or adopted home of many African American artists, activists, and achievers whose contributions have shaped and strengthened the nation, Virginia is a veritable treasure trove of Black history. From Lynchburg-born astronaut Leland Melvin, to pioneering civil rights attorney and son of Richmond Oliver Hill, to Olympic gold medalist and Virginia Beach’s own […]

A Family-Friendly Guide to Staunton - Virginia's Travel Blog

A small town located approximately 40 miles west of Charlottesville, Staunton has one of the most beautiful historic districts not only in Virginia but in all of the US—that’s because many of Staunton’s Victorian-era buildings escaped the ravages of the Civil War mostly intact. Photo Credit: Taryn White Along with a thriving arts scene, Staunton […]

Safe Summer Adventures: 30+ Outdoor Activities for Kids - Virginia's Travel Blog

Every spring, summer, and even autumn, outdoor adventures in Virginia should be on your agenda. But with so many options, how do you find suitable activities for your family? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Kid-Friendly Hiking & Climbing One of the best outdoor kid-friendly activities you can do during warmer months is spending time […]

A Delicious WanderLove Adventure Along the Shenandoah Spirits Trail - Virginia's Travel Blog

WanderLove is about reconnecting with what you love. Experience scenic wineries, local distilleries, and all of the winding roads in between when you road trip the Shenandoah Spirits Trail through the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. As you travel through six counties, several cities, and countless towns, you’ll find some of the finest outdoor recreation […]

A Family-Friendly Guide to Waynesboro - Virginia's Travel Blog

Nestled within Virginia’s Blue Ridge, Waynesboro, a small town of approximately 22,000 people, lives up to its motto, “Waynesboro: Where Good Nature Comes Naturally.” Use this three-day itinerary as your own guide to this great region of Virginia.

Budget Friendly Spring Travel Ideas in Fairfax County - Virginia's Travel Blog

Visit any major city in the US and it could cost you $20 per person just to visit their art museum. Visit Washington, DC, however, and you can tour major art galleries, all the Smithsonian museums, and the city’s iconic monuments for free. It’s a little-known, but budget-friendly, fact. And get this: Fairfax County is the same way. […]

4 Stunning Destinations That Define Sustainability in Virginia - Virginia's Travel Blog

Create your sustainable vacation using one of the following establishments that are outstanding examples of ecotourism found only in Virginia.

6 Road Trip Ideas for a Waterfront WanderLove Vacation - Virginia's Travel Blog

We can’t think of any better way to cool down during those hot summer days than taking a dip at Virginia’s pristine waterfront destinations. Use these six road trip ideas for a Waterfront WanderLove adventure that will make this a memorable summer in Virginia.

On the Water in the Shenandoah Valley - Virginia's Travel Blog

The winter weather makes all but the hardiest of cold-water anglers shiver at the thought of water, but in a few weeks, we’ll all be ready to get out there and enjoy the Shenandoah Valley’s lakes and rivers. Since over 20 species of freshwater fish make their home in Virginia, many of us will be […]