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(جمجمة تشرين).. رواية جديدة للأديب العراقي عبد الكريم العبيدي - كتابات

كتابات.. العراق أصدر الأديب عبد الكريم العبيدي رواية جديدة بعنوان: (جُمْجُمَة تشرين) عن دار “منشورات الاتحاد العام للأدباء والكتاب للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع” في العاصمة العراقية بغداد. ويأتي صدور هذه الرواية بعد آخر رواية له صدرت عن دار “ملهمون للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع” في العاصمة الإماراتية دبي في العام 2019. وقال الأديب عبد الكريم العبيدي، في […]

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Baghdaddy review – arresting and absurd take on war’s trauma

A British Iraqi and her father re-enact his wartime memories under the direction of three ghoulish clowns in a daring if uneven debut

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Japan Football Association President Sidelines Rights Issues in Qatar

As the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar this week, Kohzo Tashima, the president of the Japan Football Association (JFA), told journalists it was “unfavorable that topics other than soccer are being raised at this point.” Echoing FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s comments to “focus on the football” rather than human rights issues, Tashima was responding to questions about how he viewed European teams’ – including France, Germany, and England – protests against the Qatar government’s discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

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This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 24 Colonial Sec Churchill said when King Faisal could pay for his govt he could decide the future of Iraq Until then UK was in control

(Flikr) 1915 UK decided to retreat from Ctesiphon/Salman Pak due to heavy casualties

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Stuhna Missiles Help Ukrainian Troops Keep Russian Armor At Bay Near Bakhmut

RFE/RL's Yehor Lohinov traveled with members of the Ukrainian Army's 58th Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade and watched as they remotely fired Ukrainian-built Stuhna missiles from a shelter. The brigade is defending the city of Bakhmut in Ukraine's Donetsk region.

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South Korean foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific era

Under President Yoon Suk-yeol, the South Korean government aims to release its own Indo-Pacific strategy by the end of 2022.