Top 33 Berlin blogs you must read today!

An Inspirational Travel & Expat Living Blog

Berlin's Best Food, Shops, Art & more

One of the world's most popular men's lifestyle & hipster travel blogs with stories from around the world — gay city destinations & cultural experiences.

A personal blog about life, food and culture in Berlin since 2010.

Find the best food in Berlin on Berlin Food Stories ✓ Per Meurling shares his favourite eateries ▻ More on Berlin's most famous restaurant blog!

KALTBLUT Magazine - Germanys leading indie print / online magazine for Art, Fashion, Music. Made in Berlin! Founded in 2012

To see the best graffiti, hear the best music, experience the best bars, to meet the best people and hear their stories, you need to step out of the everyday.

Fotostrasse is a travel blog and youtube channel focused on showing you the best of the world, one travel tip at a time.

Sleek Magazine is Europe’s leading voice on art, fashion and photography. We serve daily news, opinion, and interviews with the creative class from our Berlin base.

Berlin Art Link online magazine, featuring the best of contemporary art, design, and architecture.

Berlin based lifestyle blog. We blog about fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Cheap but sexy – that's Berlin! Find free bank accounts, cheap apartments, free furniture, affordable health care, free rental advice, cheap pizza places, cheap public transport passes, free bike rental – and more.

ANEGIS is a leading Gold Cloud Microsoft Dynamics Partner specialising in digital transformation for big companies.

LOLA is a culture magazine celebrating the spirit of Berlin through in-depth interviews, features, exciting recommendations and news.

An online resource for understanding the German capital––its neighbourhoods, residents, history, and contemporary culture–– as an amazing Renaissance grips the city.

Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin

Abandoned Berlin reveals the hidden stories behind the city's ruins, relics and derelict places. Tall tales of trespass and anecdotes of fear. Go, explore.

Your #1 source for Berlin Restaurant News. All of the up to the minute news from the Berlin gastronomy and food scene. Restaurant openings, closings, events, jobs, gossip and more.

Blog on Berlin's buildings, architecture, historical places and surrounding areas in a work-in-progress city, full of scaffoldings and baustelle.

The most comprehensive and straightforward guide to moving to Berlin made by an expat since 2011.

Exploring lost and abandoned places in Berlin and Brandenburg. Exploring Berlin and Germany's lesser known history one building and monument at a time.